MAC Gym offers a wide variety of classes with varying levels of intensity allowing you to personally tailor the perfect fitness experience to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Best of all, our classes thrive on building community, ensuring you never have to go this journey alone.

Cardio Kickboxing

Come join us for a butt kicking, sweat pouring, bag smashing, stress relieving workout for the wicked! In this 60 minute class you will learn self-defense moves and practical applications in a cardio fashion.


Armageddon Group Fitness is a class designed to enhance physical conditioning and strength through the implementation of body weight, and odd objects. Sandbags, jump ropes, battling ropes, kettle bells, and sledge hammers are just some of the additional tools utilized in a combination of circuit, interval and cross training modalities designed to meet all objectives.


If you're looking for an energizing and fun workout, Zumba is the choice for you! While he music is uplifting and high energy, Zumba focuses more on a fitness routine than dance moves. Each class incorporates cardio, squats, and other muscle strengthening and toning exercises. Each class promises fun for all and is accommodating for all fitness levels!


An all-level yoga class, focused upon flexibility, muscle toning and relaxation. These classes are for student's of all ages and ability. Each class is catered to the student's needs while also providing challenges to each student's preferred level.


All ages and levels of experience are welcome to join this class as they cycle their way into fitness. Each class is fit to each student's needs; whether it be knee, hip or back issues,  MAC Gym curates a routine that works best for each individual. Students are encouraged to create a challenge for themselves, while cycling at their own pace.

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