Time To Meet The Fam!

Welcome to the MAC Gym family. While we’d love to include profiles of our entire family (members included) this page is exclusively dedicated to our hardworking, always positive staff, trainers and instructors. Now’s your chance to learn a little more about the awesome individuals who together compose the entire MAC Gym foundation!

Meet our squad leader

Garry "ICAN" Sparkman

General Manager
Garry has been an active participant in the fitness industry for over 20 years; a former powerlifter with a personal record of a 505 lb deadlift.  A back injury led him to a mentor coaching position and now he is the Membership Sales Advisor for MAC Gym. Garry is here to help tailor individualized fitness programs to each member. Garry works with individuals to help them become who they are at their best- physically, emotionally, and mentally. He has also helped to implement a 4 phase fitness program, amongst MAC Gym’s personal trainers, which guarantees quality results. It was Garry’s son, Jesse, who has cerebral palsy and is considered the iCANiCON amongst MAC Gym members,that led Garry to work at MAC Gym. Garry’s profound moto is “make A Commitment at MAC Gym and together we can “Move a Community…one member at a time”.

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